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My family has been enjoying Kite's Ham for well over ten years. We especially love the Happy Ham. Just as you should purchase your Peaches from Georgia, Oranges from Florida, your ham should come from Kite's.
Delicious goodness for your body and soul! A true Southern tradition.

Thank you for continuing to deliver such high quality products and excellent customer service!

Happily Hammed,
Terri Smith
Ruckersville, VA

Dear Kite's Ham,

Being raised as a country girl, I can remember my father salt-curing one of our "homegrown" hams and preparing it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nothing tasted as good as Daddy;s country ham! When he passed away several years ago, I knew I would not have that experience again. A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Kite's Happy Ham and all the childhood memories of Daddy's ham came rushing across my mind and my palate!!! I love it - not too salty, just right in seasoning and flavor. Every now and then, I would treat my family (and mostly myself) to purchasing some at a local market. THEN I found out that I knew someone who really knows someone connected to Kite's Hams of Wolftown; I thought I had won the lottery! I am a very satisfied customer - the quality of the ham is superb; the customer service cannot be beaten; and the pure joy eating it makes me happy. If you have ever thought that country ham is too salty for your taste buds, then I highly recommend the Happy Ham from Kite's Hams of Wolftown, VA to anyone and everyone who wants a slice of Southern comfort food. There's a bit of "country" in every bite!

A very satisfied customer,
Marie Payne
Ruckersville, VA