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Kite's Hams

Cooked Boneless Hams

This has all the work done for you. It is cooked, deboned and trimmed to perfection. It is ready to eat and can be reheated if desired. You can also purchase half a ham for those smaller events or dinners. Whole hams are 5 to 7 lbs and a half ham is 2.5 to 3.5 lbs.

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Whole Cooked Bone-in Hams

These hams are "ready to eat". They are cooked and the bone is left in so they can be used as the centerpiece of your dining table. The skin and fat have been trimmed down to 1/4 inch to prevent drying out of the ham if you wish to reheat. Do no consider your bone a waste. These hams average 7 to 9 pounds.

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Cooked Sliced ½ pound packs

A half pound of cooked sliced Kite's Ham containing approximately 4 Slices.

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Whole Uncooked Ham

The ham that made us famous! Grandpap's special cure ages these hams 6 to 12 months. They are between 13 and 15 lbs. and sold in a cloth bag.

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