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Bacon 'n' Such


Old fashioned, thicker sliced bacon can be used for frying or seasoning and is great on sandwiches. Bacon can be bought as a Whole side (14 to 15 lbs.), Blocks (1 to 3 lbs.) or Sliced in 1 lb. packs

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Center Cut Frying Ham

These are sliced 1/4 of an inch thick. They can be used for frying or on the grill. You could consider them to be the finest cuts of the ham. They come vacuum-packed 2 steaks per pack.

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Breakfast Ham

This ham is light, slided, and perfect for breakfast. Each 1 lb. package comes with approximately 5 thin slices.

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Sample Box

Contains 1 1/2 lb. package of cooked, sliced Happy ham; 1 1/2 lb. package of cooked, sliced Kites ham; 1 package of center slices (Ham Steaks); 1 lb. of sliced bacon; and 1 lb. of seasoning meat. All items are vacuum-packed separately for freshness. This is great for anyone who would like to sample all of our products and it also makes a GREAT GIFT!

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Cooked & Uncooked Trimmings

The fat and skin trimmed off of the ham when the ham is boned.

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